28-YEAR-OLD MILLIONAIRE Nate Stavseth Reveals…

A groundbreaking way to create real wealth… that anyone can use!

“For 100 years, huge banks and investment funds have controlled one ‘hidden’ market… I’m going to show you how to make it yours.” – Nate Stavseth

Meet Nathan

My name is Nate Stavseth, and this is my story:

I was a struggling entrepreneur in my early 20’s, until I struck gold as co-founder of RagingBull, a company now worth over $100M. RagingBull made me a millionaire, but it also taught me that the real money was being made by investors, not entrepreneurs. Now, I am on a mission to help ordinary people get access to the same deals as the super rich.

I’m talking about angel investing, the ultimate path to wealth creation. I want to give you the benefit of my experience so that you, too, can enjoy the insane returns—without the strikeouts.


Is new wave right for you?

This program is not for everyone

New Wave Wealth is NOT for you if:

/ You only want to do the bare minimum expecting to see MASSIVE results

/ You think you can build a six-figure revenue stream in just a few months

/ You want a magic bullet that immediately solves your problems without doing any work

New Wave Wealth is for you if:

/ You want to start investing your money as an angel investor by taking calculated risks on deals that could make you very, very wealthy

/ You are already an angel investor and are not getting the results you want

/ You want to add an investment strategy to your portfolio that will make your returns skyrocket

/ You don’t want to waste time on unproven or sketchy strategies to multiply your money

Discover how ordinary people are cashing in on the profits of Silicon Valley!

What Do I Get When I Sign Up?

New Wave Course

Learn the ins & outs of Angel Investing with 40+ Videos & 10 PDF tutorials.

Mentor Box

This physical “NWW Surprise Box” contains Nate’s best-selling angel investment book Ride The Wave, along with many other surprises delivered to your door!

Case Study Vault

Analysis of past deals—the good, the bad & the ugly—so you know how to apply your knowledge, find the right companies, and get out with your profits.

Private “Investor Only” Community

Join a private community of investors who are sharing the most lucrative deals in the startup world with each other.

LIVE Calls & Mentorship

Nate Stavseth will personally be there to mentor you along your Angel investing journey through LIVE workshops and Q&A calls.


Nate’s Personal Deal Flow

Access private deals exclusively handpicked by Nate Stavseth and invest in the next generation of life-changing startups!

Immediately get access to deals like this!

A low-cost device that allows you to retrofit your car with Level 3 self-driving capabilities.
A hybrid budgeting app and social network that privately connects members with peers so they can share financial tips and insights, compare financial stats, and find ways to intelligently manage their money.
Award-winning, crime-fighting robots that use self-driving technology and artificial intelligence to patrol and protect properties across the U.S.


New Wave Wealth is the world’s first A-Z training course for new angel investors, compressing a lifetime of knowledge into nine easy-to-follow classes.

Class o1

Introduction to Angel Investing

What is Angel Investing,
key terms, and why now.

Class o2

The process,  Start to finish

Finding, vetting,
and closing deals.

Class o3


How to find startups
to invest in.

Class o4

Founder Fit

What makes an
excellent founder

Class o5

Market Fit

Does this product have
a real market

Class o6

Investor Fit

Investor strategy
& considerations

Class o7

Deal Term & Negotiation

Protecting your investment
and closing

Class o8

Adding value
as an investor

How to get involved
in your startups

Class o9

and exits

What can you expect to make
and claiming your wins

The sky is the limit with new wave wealth

With this course being the very first of its kind, and because It has never been easier to invest in early-stage companies like this, we are expecting demand to be extremely high.

Act now on our special introductory rate before the demand grows and we are forced to raise our price.

Do not miss your chance to be the

next millionaire investor