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Jeff Bishop Releases New Millionaire Trading Program

Jeff Bishop:
Why waste your time and money building a bridge when you can simply just walk across mine? We’re probably the fastest growing financial education website in the country.

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I’m the founder and CEO of The world’s fastest-growing stock market education website.

I’m also a Wall Street trading veteran who you’ve probably seen featured on financial news outlets or all over the internet. Through the years with hard work of building my business and my trading, I’ve made millions already. Millions!

I’ve built the bridge of profits, and I’ve crossed over it myself many, many times. Let me tell you….

The stock market – it can be a tricky, tricky place if you don’t know what you’re doing. So that’s exactly why I created The Profit Bridge.

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Simply put, this is my battle plan for trading, and you’ve got to have a plan for trading. It’s designed to give a trader the tools they need to take their trading to the next level.

No matter what level you’re at, we’re moving up.

I’ve used this system to help so many traders walk over that bridge to profit. I’ve worked with tens of thousands of traders over the years. Many had literally no experience at all, and a few have even gone on to become multi-millionaire traders.

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That’s right. Some people have made millions of dollars and it all started with a simple foundation and a simple repeatable process. That’s the secret.

The Profit Bridge is a trading program that features my valuable trading assets that I’ve developed over the last 20 years of trading.

These are tools that have guided me along with thousands of other traders on how I manage a portfolio in all of these crazy markets. This is a crazy time right now, I have to admit. I’ve made a lot of mistakes and I’ve personally lost a lot of money along the way to get to where I am today.

Jeff Trading

I’m hoping you don’t have to do the same long rocky path that I did, this is your shortcut. This program is designed to not only give you the concepts you need to be familiar with as a trader, but give you actionable trading ideas delivered in real-time that can be put into practice right now.

Now, I get asked this all the time.

Jeff, how did these traders that you mentored become so successful?
What is it that you taught them?
Is there a magic bullet or nugget out there?’

Honestly, it’s not rocket science. There’s no magic behind it.

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When you boil things down to what really makes a successful trader, there are just a few things that rise to the top. That’s really all you need to focus on at first.

The Profit Bridge is based on the Four Pillars that are foundational to the success of any growing trader.

Pillar 1: Practice

The first one, simply put, it’s Practice.

If you’re going to follow some “expert’s” strategy, you better first ask whether that so-called expert is practicing the strategy themselves. Or better yet – have they made any real money with it at all?

Why would I bet my money on a system that someone else told me about if that person isn’t even willing to put their own money where their mouth is?

Well, I sure do. I put my money where my mouth is every day!

And if a strategy is any good, then chances are that people are already practicing it.

I’ve got high school-aged kids. I’ve got two of them actually. It’s about time to start doing some car shopping soon. Honestly, it’s a little terrifying to think about it, but soon I’ll be handing my oldest son the keys to a car of his own.

Jeff and Kids

Now, when that day comes, you had better believe that I’m looking for something that is safe and reliable. I’m not putting him in some piece of junk. I want something made by a reputable manufacturer and I want it to have great reviews.

I want other people to love it. I don’t want some prototype that no one’s ever driven. I want something with a brand name, with mileage behind it that I know is going to be safe to put him in.

Is it any different when it comes to your trading???

Think about that for a minute. I don’t know about you, but I want to invest my money using a system that has some “mileage” on it.

I’ve got a lot of miles on me, as you can tell.

That’s why the first thing you’re going to get right away when you join the Profit Bridge is access to my top-selling guide, The Trader’s Black Book.

The Trader's Black Book

You want to talk about practice, this is the product of 20 years of trading experience all put into one easy to follow book. This high powered trading guide is jam-packed with my top strategies, you’re going to love it!


These are strategies that I’ve been using in my own personal portfolio and they’re being practiced now by traders all over the world. We’re literally in over 150 countries. If I only had a resource like this when I was first getting started, I would have been so much farther ahead of the game.

So don’t fall for the same traps I did early on. Learn from my mistakes. Learn from my successes more importantly!

20 years of practice from a millionaire trader all condensed and downloaded for you into The Trader’s Black Book. So practice, practice number one.

But it can’t stop there. We need to take the next step with a real, tangible strategy that you can put into work. The next pillar is Patterns.

Pillar #2: Patterns

One of the questions I get a lot of times is – What’s the biggest trade you’ve made? What’s the biggest profit that you’ve ever been able to pull out a trade somewhere?

Well, the truth is I’ve had several trades where I’ve made…



Even $100,000!

Winning Trades

Yeah, that’s right. Over $100,000 on a single trade!

Now, I’m not going to say it happens all the time, that’s a rare event, but sometimes it can happen in a matter of days or other times over the course of a few weeks.

Now, I’ve had plenty of trades where I lost money as well. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not all roses.

The key is practicing strategies that keep your loser small and maximize your winners. If you can do that, you’re going to be a successful trader.

The point is, I would have simply NEVER have made gains like these if I didn’t find a pattern that I was following.

We need a way to interpret a trend in the direction of a stock so we can better understand where it might be going from here today.

Then I need to know how I can possibly capitalize on that trend. It’s one thing to know the trend, but another thing to know how best to capitalize on it.

This is exactly why I’m setting up my new profit bridge students with a pass to my Trading Video Playbook.

If you’re anything like me, you need to see how something works with your own eyes before you can really begin to grasp it.

Trading Video Playbook

That’s why I’ve broken everything down into a series of video lessons. These are not long, drawn out lessons. These are very concise lessons that are designed to help answer the top questions from new and developing traders.

No matter where you’re at, you’re going to love this. I even break down some of my own most critical discoveries in my path to becoming a successful trader.

Trading Video Playbook Layout

And of course, the patterns!

I’ve broken down my top patterns. Everyone wants that.

I’ve broken them down in a way that can literally be followed by a trader of any level, even if you’re brand new.

Let’s take a time out for a minute. Let’s go back.

You may have seen me on the news or heard about my track record of 100% winners. It’s true. I do have a long history of 100% or better winning trades out there.

Trade Winners

I’m here to tell you this. You simply cannot experience results like this in the markets right now without understanding some basic principles or having a basic set of patterns that you can fall back on reliably. I’m not talking about trying to master dozens of complicated strategies. I’m a big fan of keeping things simple.

That’s why I want us to start from the very ground level, with my video playbook and take you through the strategies that I’ve learned that are my favorite from over the years and share them with you.

Trading Video Playbook Strategy

So let’s keep things simple. Let’s narrow our focus even more.

This brings me to my next point. This is the Third Pillar of the Profit Bridge. It is probability. We all have to deal in Probabilities as a trader.

Pillar #3: Probability

At the end of the day, trading all comes down to the numbers. We call this ‘probabilities’.

There’s no silver bullet. There’s no trading strategy that’s going to magically beat all the odds and immediately make you a million dollars. It just won’t happen.

Don’t get fooled into thinking that there is something out there that’ll do that. There just isn’t. It doesn’t exist no matter what anyone else is telling you.

You find an edge and you put that into practice over and over. That’s probability.

In my latest book, The Smart Trader, I will show you some strategies that are all aimed at putting the odds in your favor.

The Smart Trader

Don’t gamble your money based on headlines or theories or stock tips out there from random people.

Learn how to put the data in your corner. Use it to your advantage.

The Smart Trader lays out all of my best strategies for mathematically advantageous trading.

Put the odds on your side for once and today you can get your own copy absolutely free right now when you sign up for The Profit Bridge.

You can download it right now actually. You can have it in your mailbox today.

The material here can provide a huge edge for anyone who’s even remotely serious about growing their account.

Okay, so let’s recap for a second. I’m offering my top trading resources.

I’m delivering you the results of my 20 years of practice. My top patterns, my best in class book on probabilities.


But there’s one more piece in this program that I’m really, really excited to share with you.

There’s one more Pillar to The Profit Bridge. Predictability.

Pillar #4: Predictability

Predictability – we all want that.

By now, I’m sure you’ve learned that the stock market can be really, really unpredictable at times. If you’re trading right now, you know exactly what I’m talking about.

I want to level the playing field as much as possible for traders that are truly serious about learning how to trade profitably.

Let me ask you this, what if you had a chance to access the trading plan of a millionaire trader every single week?

Does that sound good?

What about a researched, vetted, hand-delivered right to you before the market opens Monday, pick that I personally am doing. Right now, I’m offering just that.

It’s a complimentary subscription to probably my favorite service, it’s called Bullseye Trades. This is a service that I’m going to include right now for members of The Profit Bridge Program.

Bullseye Trades

With Bullseye Trades, I’m offering my single best trading idea for the week ahead that I’m planning to put my own real money into before it gets to the opening of the market on Monday. You get it to your inbox before then.

So right now with The Profit Bridge, you’re going to get a one month subscription of this service 100% free. No strings attached. No renewals to worry about – all included for you.

Because I want you to see it. Bullseye Trades is my most popular service, and it’s all about providing traders access to my highest conviction trading idea each and every week.

Many traders just want to see a real live strategy in practice and that is exactly what Bullseye delivers.

It’s a trading plan vetted by me. A millionaire, a trader, and you can set your watch by it each and every week. Delivered to your inbox before the market opens on Monday.

This service has literally helped so many traders capture winners in the market.


It’s become one of the top trading services of all at Raging Bull.

My favorite thing about Bullseye though is how many members who have never traded before write in to tell me how they’ve profited from my Bullseye pick for the week.

It’s really simple, and it’s really fun to do.

When you sign up for Profit Bridge right now, you’re immediately going to get access to my Trader’s Black Book. Once again, that’s my best selling, most comprehensive trading guide out there.

I also want you to visualize things though. So you’re going to get the Trading Video Playbook. This video training library is going to help break down the most common question and the hangups that most traders have.

You’re also going to get The Smart Trader book. This is the handbook on probabilities. It’s going to show you trading strategies based on cold, hard market data. You’re going to love this one.


And finally – it’s going to be fun. To capstone this, you’re going to get my Bullseye Trades service, where I’m alerting my top trade each and every week down to the details.

Now, are you going to turn around and make a million dollars off this program tomorrow? Of course not.

Sure, multiple millionaire traders have come from the programs that I’ve built and developed over the years, but at the end of the day, all I’m about is providing the tools and strategies to help traders build their own accounts.

Again, I’ve built the bridge to profits. I’ve helped traders cross that bridge many, many times before and now it’s your turn. I want you to join us.

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So before you go on spending all your time and money, trying to invent a new trading system, STOP.

I’ve already tried it, just stop. Everyone else has tried it too. Follow what works.

Ask yourself this. If there’s already a proven system, that’s been practiced and reviewed by so many others, why would I even look anywhere else?

Join The Profit Bridge today. Get your hands on The Trader’s Black Book.

Get your all access pass to my Trading Video Playbook. Get it right now.

Dive into The Smart Trader. You’re going to love the information included in there.

And most importantly, Let’s put it into action. Get your weekly alerts on my top trading ideas sent directly to you each and every week with Bullseye Trades.

This program is being introduced at an inaugural pricing with my Bullseye trading service. It’s all bundled in for one price, so don’t pass up this opportunity. Don’t do it!

Take advantage right now. It’s a truly ridiculous price. You’re not going to regret this.

You get the Practice, Patterns, Probability, and Predictability. I even made them all “P” words so you can easily remember. 🙂

The Four Pillars

Get started right now. I look forward to seeing you join with me and thousands of others on The Profit Bridge right now.

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