Titans of Trade

Limited Time Rebroadcast

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Key Moments from the World Premiere

2:41 Why Daymond Chose Jason

4:13 60-80% Probability of Winning

6:08 Transparency, transparency, transparency

9:01 The hands-down, best approach to Options Trading

11:00 “Listen, I’mma tell you something…I want somebody who’s going to roll up their sleeves and get to work for me…”
– Daymond John

13:14 Daymond Plays The Skeptic

13:36 How it Works! [AAPL Trade Walk Through]

16:28 A seller has 3 ways to win, a buyer only has 1!

18:00 Risk Management

23:28 Real People, REAL PROFITS

27:55 What You Get Right Now

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